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BALLET & POINTE  Ballet is the basis for all dance.  A great deal of finesse of movement and posture can be carried over, not only into other dance disciplines, but also into everyday appearance and carriage. Children with weak legs or ankles may benefit from ballet. Classes for ages 5 years to adult, beginning to advanced. Students will be admitted to pre-pointe and pointe classes under teacher’s discretion. Dress Attire: (Pre-Cecchetti) Pink leotard; pink tights; pink ballet skirt; pink or black ballet shoes (Cecchetti/Russian) Black leotard; pink tights; black ballet skirt; pink or black ballet shoes.



STRETCH, LEAPS & TURNS Classes will be offered to those students who are interested in improving their techniques. It works on improving height of jumps and leaps and make turns better. Classes are for ages 8 years to adult. Dress Attire: Comfortable dance clothes; gym shoes  or jazz shoes.

TUMBLING & ACRO  Classes will be offered to those students who are Interested in learning or improving their tumbling and acrobatic skills.  Acro classes work on improving flexibility and strength.  Classes for ages 4 years to adult.  Dress Attire: Any color dance clothes; socks or bare feet.

JAZZ  Jazz is an expressive, creative, dynamic, and fun type of dance. Many different styles are taught in class.  Classes are ages 5 years to adult. Dress Attire: Any color dance leotard; jazz pants or shorts; black jazz shoes.


COMBO (Ballet/Tap or Jazz/Tap) COMBO (Ballet/Tap or Tumbling/Hip Hop) Ages 3 to 5 years. Our lessons are designed to teach depth perception, hand/eye, foot/eye, inverted orientation as     well as the basics of dance, all in a safe and positive environment. The program is reaching for the mind and body’s educational potential through the fundamentals of dance. Dress Attire: (Ballet/Tap) Pink leotard; pink tights (in the cooler months, teacher will advise); pink skirt; pink or black ballet shoes; black tap shoes  (Tumbling/Hip Hop)  Comfortable dance clothes; gym  shoes or jazz


HIP HOP Hip Hop is an energetic, dynamic, and  fun type of dance. Students will learn different   styles and techniques that make hip hop unique. Classes for ages 5 years to adult. Dress Attire: Comfortable dance clothes; gym shoes or jazz  Shoes.



TAP Classes will be taught with technique, terminology, and performance of routines as the main goals. Classes for ages 5 years to adult.  Dress Attire: Any color dance leotard; jazz pants or shorts; low heeled tap shoes (dancer under 7 years, use elastic not laces to tie shoes).




LYRICAL & CONTEMPORARY (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) Classes are expressive,  creative, fluid, and dynamic. Lyrical takes the best of ballet and jazz and puts meaning and emotion to it. Contemporary is more of a modern dance that combines many of styles to make it unique. Classes are ages 6 years to adult.
Dress Attire: Lyrical dresses or leotards and shorts; stirrup or non-footed tights; 1/2 soles or  foot undeez.

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On Stage Dance Academy


Our Philosophy

CREATIVE MOVEMENT Creative movement is a way to introduce the basics of dance and music while acclimating kids to the structure of a class.  This class is for 2 to 3 year olds and teaches how our bodies move, enjoyment of the music, counting, game playing, and learning to control our bodies and share the space with others. Dress Attire:  pink dance clothes; socks or bare feet.

Beginner/Placement Classes  

New students to On Stage are welcome to take advantage of our ONE FREE TRIAL class of your choice.  Check out the beginning schedule here!

Intermediate/Advance (Level) Dancers
Our Int/Adv Level classes are for those students who have prior dance experience and are considering continuing their dance education with us.  Please contact our studio directly for more information and we would be glad to discuss placement with you. 


Excellence in Dance- learning proper technique and   terminology.

Discipline- promptness, study, practice, courtesy, and respect for fellow students and teachers.

Study- desire to learn and work toward goals.

Pride in Performance- in class, performances, and competitions