On Stage Dance Academy            
5930 W Greenway Road 
Glendale, Arizona 85306

On Stage Dance Academy


   DANCE offers more to children then just a fun activity.  It helps in their development, mobility and coordination in other 

   activities, helps to build a team oriented spirit, make friends, create lasting memories, build dreams and is a great way to

   have fun while staying active!  In addition... Did you know?

    Research has shown that those who study the arts...
        -    improve their achievement in other subjects, including mathematics, reading and writing --
        -    annually outperform their non-arts peers on the SAT --
        -    earn better grades --
        -    perform better on exams --
        -    perform more community service --
        -    and watch fewer hours of television --


Not only is dance LOTS OF FUN, it also offers a unique opportunity, by applying what is learned, to improving your every day life . The benefits of dance go far beyond the actual learning of certain movements and terminology.  The development of coordination, concentration, body awareness, strength, agility, self discipline, poise, and personal achievement are just a few of  the areas which carry over to all other daily activities.

On Stage Dance Academy has been educating for over 40 years and its owners and teachers combined have been teaching and/or involved in dance for most of their lives.  In fact, most have been dancing since childhood.  Our teachers and staff work together to offer the very best that dance has to offer and to encourage and educate children to be the best they can be.

The Founder & Director of On Stage Dance Academy, Rose Marie Troiani, has been teaching and performing for over 50 years. Her membership credits include:  Dance Teacher Today, Dance Educators of America,  D.B.B.A. in St. Louis, New York Institute of Dance, Butler University, Northwestern Dance Department, Julliard,  D.E.A., Jazz, Etc., Cecchetti Foundation and Royal School of London Cecchetti International.

Our Teachers and Staff:

Leigh Starke (Co-Director)            Nikki Beloat (Assistant Director)

  Mandi Simpson            Chandra Moore            Cindi Simpson 

Ms. Alexis              Ms. Clarissa              Ms. Mary      

Ms. Katy          Ms. Alyssa          Ms. Jenny

Ms. Debbie (Office Manager) 

We also offers teacher classes and certification.  For more information about our teacher programs, please contact Rose Marie.

In addition, On Stage has many Performing Companies & Competition groups which have obtained several AWARDS recently and over the years.  Ages in these programs range from 4 years to adult and they are all very talented performers.  They have performed throughout the valley in Arizona and have even performed out of state, such as, Disney World and Las Vegas!  Some of the local events that include regular performances are the Arizona State Fair, Glendale Glitters (and other holiday events), retirement homes, school events, fund raisers and many more.  After the student has been in tap, ballet and jazz at On Stage, for at least one year, they may ask their teacher about becoming a Performing Company member. 

All students get to participate in our recitals and more information about our next recital can be obtained from our front desk or by calling (623) 979-4779.                          

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