Inspiring Dance  in the Valley since 1981

On Stage has 6 Performing Companies, ages 4 years to adult, have performed throughout the valley in Arizona and have even performed out of state, such as, Disney World and Las Vegas!  Some of the local events that include regular performances are the Arizona State Fair, Glendale Glitters (and other holiday events), retirement homes, school events, fund raisers and many more. 

After the student has been in tap, ballet and jazz at On Stage, for at least one year, they may ask their teacher about becoming a Performing Company member. 

OSDA Competition Team

OSDA Performing Companies & Competition Teams

On Stage has two teams that have participated in local and national competitions for more than 25 years. Our dancers have earned national top awards at Dance Educators of America, Sheer Talent, Next Level, Hollywood vibe, and many more.

Our philosophy for competition teams is that it’s not just about receiving trophies or metals, but reaching to be the best that a dancer can be. We strive to create family orientated and entertaining routines that will push our dancers in technique and performance. Once a student is a part of our performing companies for a certain amount of time, they can addition to be a part of our team. Please inquire with our staff if you are interested in being a part of one of our competitive teams.

Why be a part of one of our teams? 

The benefit of being a part of one of our companies or competitive teams reach far beyond just taking classes and learning how to dance. Our dancers and families build lifelong friendships that are based on years spent together taking classes, rehearsing, performing, and team events. It’s not just about learning how to dance, but being a part of something special that dancers can look back with fondness.

Our teachers, students, and parents make up a wonderful community that is a family. It goes far beyond just dance and On Stage Dance Academy would be nothing without these incredible people. We would love to have you be a part of our team and our family.

Our Performing Companies

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